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Limbo's Story

Limbo and Linstead are 4 months old and have opposite personalities. Limbo (female) is shy at first but loves pets and scratches behind the ear/under her chin and can be very affectionate once she warms up to you. She gets a bit nervous when people approach her too quickly and isn’t a huge fan of being carried, although she is definitely warming up to it, but the minute you start to pet her she’ll stick with you for hours and will usually fall asleep with a paw on your leg. She’s extremely playful with her brother Linstead and her favorite toy is her stuffed mouse! She loves chicken flavored treats and will usually approach you when she hears you start to open the treat bag. She loves hiding in quiet dark areas but also enjoys sitting on the windowsill and looking outside. She’s also very vocal and will meow if she wants attention! She can be extremely playful and will play with her brother for hours but she also likes taking long naps with her brother Linstead throughout the day. She’s extremely sweet and anyone would be lucky to have her!

Like Limbo, Linstead (male) loves pets and scratches behind the ear but it doesn’t take him as long to warm up to people! He loves to play and will run around and play with his sister Limbo for hours! He’s adventurous and curious and will watch from a distance while you’re working or cooking. Linstead is very loving and loves to cuddle and will probably sneak onto your bed while your not looking to sleep by your feet at night. He can be extremely playful and loves playing with his favorite mini stuffed mouse but is usually calm throughout the day and loves taking naps with his sister Limbo. He doesn’t mind being picked up and is usually extremely relaxed when being handled. Like his sister, he can be very vocal and will meow when he’s hungry or wants attention. He would make a great fit in any family!

Kittens are $150 each and a pair of kittens are $200.

This animal is currently being fostered in New Jersey and may require that potential adopters go there in order to do a meet and greet or adopt.

Cats are very social by nature and need to be with other cats for their socialization. Kittens are only adopted in pairs or to homes with other cats. Most adults cats need a friend also. Ones that can be adopted alone, are noted.

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Adoption Process

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