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Tuck's Story

Tuck is a stunning 2 year old Plott hound weighing about 45 lbs. Although he is a little shy at first, Tuck is the sweetest boy once he feels comfortable around you. He just needs a little time to realize that you are going to be his best friend and then he will follow you everywhere you go! He loves being hugged and getting scratches on his back, basically he loves being loved. Tuck is curious when he is inside and loves to sniff around. He is mostly calm in the house but will get bursts of energy and want to play with you and his toys. He loves being outside and running in the backyard for his ball or alligator toy. Being active is definitely important for this cute guy! When people or other dogs pass by the yard Tuck does not bark at them but likes to watch them walk by as he is curious about them. He is very food motivated and learned how to sit on command in just one morning, and now he can’t stop doing it for treats! If you need to get work done or leave the house, Tuck will simply lay in his bed and rest without any issues if you give him a space of his own to relax in. Tuck sleeps through the night in his bed without a peep. On walks, Tuck needs to work on his leash manners as he is distracted by the noises around him and wants to walk ahead of you, though other dogs passing by is not an issue. Tuck is very playful but needs someone to teach him how to be a little bit more gentle when playing because he gets so excited while having fun. To my pleasant surprise, Tuck is mostly house-trained and only had one accident since being fostered but otherwise knows to do his business outside as long as he is taken out regularly. If you are looking for a sweet, playful, silly companion and are willing to work with him on his overall manners, then Tuck is your guy!

Adoption Fee $425

This animal is currently being fostered in Queens and may require that potential adopters go there in order to do a meet and greet or adopt.

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Adoption Process

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