Are you passionate about helping animals in need? Help save the lives of homeless pets by becoming a volunteer for Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue today! Please complete the volunteer application below. PLEASE NOTE: At this time, we can only respond to applications which fit the needs of the rescue. To apply to volunteer for Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue, please complete the form below. This form is designed to provoke thought about whether or not you are prepared to offer the best possible experience to an animal in need. We expect several things of our volunteers, including compassion, perseverance and reliability. Do you exemplify these qualities? Please give each question serious thought as it will help us to determine your eligibility. Giving your time to an animal in need is a responsibility to be treated with care and respect. Many of our animals will require extra loving care. If you are up to the challenge and ready to reap the rewards of helping to save the life of an animal, apply today!

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