• Noah loves NY1!

    12345975_1662224297400413_590287253_nNoah loves NY1! Thank you JMT Media for the press coverage! Stay tuned for the link to his tv news story! Noah is a papillon in #STATENISLAND #NYC. #LOUIESLEGACY #adoptdontshop #papillon #adorable #ny1 #rescuedogsofinstagram
  • Meet the Fosters

    tumblr_nt8xkcx7yd1uuc2fpo1_1280 Meet Nicky, one of our youngest foster/volunteers who is just eleven years old. Nicky and his family have been fostering for our rescue for a few years. He also enjoys helping us out at our adoption events. Nicky loves all dogs and is always so excited to get new ones. He wants to either be a vet or a dog trainer when he grows up and we think this is a perfect way to start! If you would like to become a foster like Nicky and his family, please apply at LINK.
  • Meet the Fosters! Pint-sized foster parent Abby joined our team almost 9 months ago, along with her parents Melissa and Emily. Abby and her family currently have one foster dog, and two foster kittens! Abby loves to talk to others about what a difference her family has made, and about how they foster for Louie’s Legacy. After helping with her family’s foster dogs, Abby has decided she wants to be a vet when she grows up. Here’s what Abby has to say about fostering: “I love fostering because it saves animals’ lives, and they get to be a part of a family again while they wait to get adopted. If it were up to me, we would have even more foster pets! I help with the foster dogs by walking them every day, helping feed them, and putting them safely in their crates when we leave the house. I like to go to the adoption events too, so I can play with the puppies and kittens, and meet the family that adopts my foster dog. It’s very sad when they get adopted and leave, but knowing our family gets to save another animal from the shelter makes it easier. It’s the best when we can get a new foster the same day as our current foster is adopted!” Having a soft spot for both older pets and hounds, Abby is pictured with 8 year old foster dog, Missy, who was surrendered to a local shelter as a euthanasia request because her owner had passed away. Fostering is a great way to teach your children about giving back, and caring for animals. There are many family-friendly, temperament-tested animals waiting in kill shelters, hoping YOUR family will jump in to save their lives. If you want to become a foster parent like Abby, please apply at
  • Rescue Begins Series of Community Meet and Mingle Social Q&A Events on the Island

    (Staten Island, NY) Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue, an established rescue and adoption group on Staten Island will be hosting the first of a series of Community Meet and Mingle events on Saturday, June 20 from 4-7 PM at the Liberty Tavern, 382 Forest Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10310. All are welcome to come and meet the team, mix, mingle and relax, and ask any questions the community has about volunteering, fostering and saving animals. There is no charge to enter, and food and drinks can be purchased at the tavern. “The objective,” says Louie’s Legacy founder Emily Gear, “is to bring people out in a relaxed atmosphere where no questions are bad questions. The primary challenge to saving shelter animals is NOT finding forever homes—but finding temporary homes called foster homes where rescued animals wait and prepare for adoption. We hope to draw some people out who have been wondering about it, but were never really sure what it all means.” “Foster homes are the backbone of any rescue organization,” says Louie’s Legacy Foster Coordinator Millie Acosta. “We realize that the idea can be frightening to some people and that they might have a lot of questions. I can help them feel confident about taking an active role in helping to save shelter pets. And if nothing else, I think people will have a great time!” Louie’s Legacy, incorporated in 2009, saved more than 1,100 pets in 2014 alone from high kill shelters or other unsavory situations. Known for taking animals with medical needs, senior pets and difficult-to-place breeds in addition to young, highly adoptable animals, the rescue spends hundreds of thousands of dollars bringing each pet to health, happiness and safety. Every pet is spayed or neutered, carefully brought up to veterinary standards and microchipped prior to placement in a meticulously screened forever home.
  • Meet the Fosters!

    nulltumblr_npftorfyox1uuc2fpo1_1280 Meet Brittany, a wife and mother of two young boys, who recently joined our team! Here’s what Brittany has to say about fostering: “Since I was a kid, I have always loved animals. I picked up and rescued everything I came across from birds, rabbits, dogs, even a huge turtle once. I grew up thinking this is what I wanted to do. Now with a family of my own, I am finally doing it! Working long hours bartending and with 2 smalls boys 5 and 2 and my hubby working 6 days a week, we rescued a dog from the shelter in Brooklyn. Then, after a few months we wanted to rescue another dog from the shelter but I remembered before I adopted my dog I inboxed with a girl who fostered with Louie’s Legacy so I found them on facebook and started following. After a while I decided to submit my application with no specific pup in mind, just knowing I would take whoever I get and ever since then I have been hooked. It’s the best decision I have made for my family. In 3 short months I have saved, fostered and fell in love with 4 dogs. Fostering has taught my sons a lesson in life on being selfless, and to nurture and also teaches responsibility at such an early age. I showed them the ASPCA commercials and showed them the dogs at the shelter and told them if we don’t help, they may die there. They understand the concept of taking them in and caring for them, but also letting them go. Letting them go is always hard. I cry but I know I saved them and they are getting their fresh start. I feel more families with kids should foster because it really is a rewarding learning experience for everyone. Please consider fostering, if you think I don’t have the time with kids and work, once they are there you make the time. They are better in our homes with our hectic life and kids running around then sitting in a shelter or on death row. They experience love again or for their first time, they get a family and fresh start on a new life. One person really makes all the difference! That person could be you! ” If you would like to join Brittany and become a foster for Louie’s Legacy please apply at
  • Seamus and Capone don’t notice the mob on #unionsquare

    Pug Luv Seamus and Capone don’t notice the mob on #unionsquare, they are having a great time in their kennel. #pittylove #pitbull #pibullsofinstagram #louieslegacy #adoptapaloozanyc #mayorsalliancenyc @louieslegacy
  • Chihuahuas – Journey Toward Adoption


    When officers entered the home, they had “trouble breathing due to the smell,” and they quickly discovered 20 dogs and a child living inside, in deplorable conditions. All 20 animals were surrendered that day, and 8 of them have come to Louie’s Legacy to start their new lives.

    Please follow Rudy, Reed, Hank, Callie, Quincy, Shih Tzu Penelope, and her pups, who were rescued from a hoarding situation in West Virginia, and consider making a donation to their care. All dogs are riddled with medical conditions, from emaciation, mange, and parasites, to severe ear infections, severe dental disease, and skin infections. Tiny Hank, suffering from demodex mange, weighs under 4 pounds. Once treated for their various ailments, they will need to be spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and they will begin searching for forever homes where they will never again be neglected or abused.

    These and over 550 other animals have been saved so far this year, thanks to selfless people who give their homes and hearts to abandoned pets. Please consider making a donation online at to help them step-by-step into their new lives. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

  • Volunteer Profiles – Health Care Professionals and Fostering Animals: A Perfect Match

    By Nomi Berger

    Between January 2014 and January 2015, Tara

    Steiner-Flandez and Reb Flandez of Clark, NJ have fostered a staggering 27 dogs!

    Nurses for seven years, as Tara explains, “Our nursing skills have helped a lot. We’re confident that we know when to wait and when a foster needs immediate attention from a vet. We’ve had some with minor issues like coughs or ear infections, and we’ve had others with major issues, where we helped in their recoveries. And most of the time, we’re able to give them the care or the medications they need at home rather than spending the night at a hospital.

    “After our marriage, we wanted to do something together in our free time. As avid animal lovers with two dogs of our own, I found a Facebook page one day and I knew! Staring out at me were the photos of three young dogs, together with a post saying they needed fosters. And I wanted to, needed to help. No sooner had I mentioned the idea to Reb than we decided to give fostering a try. I filled out an application and we were soon fostering a litter of three gorgeous black Lab puppies.

    “Needless to say, we fell in love with them. I’d grown up with a black Lab, so it had tugged at my heartstrings seeing their pictures on Facebook. A few days into our fostering, however, I noticed that one of the pups was lethargic and wasn’t eating or drinking. He soon began to vomit and to have other severe GI symptoms. We knew he had to see a vet ASAP.

    “He was diagnosed with Parvo, and they weren’t sure if he was going to make it. But Reb and I were determined to do everything to keep him alive. At home, we administered his injectable medications and gave him subcuticular fluids in his scruff to keep him hydrated. After two sleepless nights, he began eating and drinking on his own. He not only survived, but I fell even more in love with him because of his sweet temperament and strength.

    “We’ve had him ever since – our beautiful Merlin – and he’s been the perfect foster brother to the other dogs we’ve welcomed into our home.”

    Pictured, Reb, Tara and Merlin

    If you would like to foster a pet, please apply online at LINK

  • Meet the Fosters

    meet a foster New York/New Jersey Edition

    Meet Doreen, a local principal who has been fostering almost 2 years. Here’s what she has to say about fostering:

    “As a foster for Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue I can honestly say to myself, “Why did I wait so long to get involved and help make a difference in the lives of animals?”

    The first “myth” that I discovered about fostering is that it is “too time consuming.” There is nothing that we do in our lives that does not consume our time whether personally or professionally. The difference with fostering? This “time consumption” is validated and very much appreciated by the dogs and cats that I foster on a daily basis. When I look into the eyes of my fur babies, I know that every second put into fostering is worth it!

    The second “myth” that almost deterred me from becoming a foster..“How can I let them go? It is going to be so hard.” I can honestly tell you that every puppy, dog, kitten, and cat that I have ever been fortunate enough to have become part of my heart has taught me that love is never-ending. Once my fosters are placed in their furever homes, my love for them and their love for me never ends. It just changes in relationship to how the love is communicated in that now my fosters keep in touch with me through their new families. Countless pictures, lots of emails and texts, and house visits are added bonuses that keep the love alive between myself and my fosters.

    The list of “myths” that I have unearthed throughout my journey as a foster could continue, but, then we would not get to the most important part to me which is that I, along with so many other volunteers, am saving lives on a daily basis.

    Becoming a foster has made me a better person in so many ways. It has helped to fill a void that I had in my own life as I knew that I was passionate about animals and just didn’t know how to channel that passion. The Louie’s Family, along with all my 42 foster puppies and dogs, and all my 40 kittens and cats, have made me a stronger and more knowledgeable individual. I continue to learn and grow day after day and would not trade my fostering experience for anything in the world, for “LOVE IS A FOUR LEGGED WORD!”

    Please consider joining our family. You will have a support system within that will help you every step of the way! Fostering one life is all it takes to make that difference!“

    If you’d like to join Doreen as a foster for our team please apply at LINK

  • Meet The Fosters

    Meet The Fosters - New York/New Jersey Edition Say hello to one of our youngest foster parents, Emily! Emily has been fostering since she was a sophomore in high school and has saved over 22 dogs. Here’s what Emily has to say about fostering: “I have...

    Say hello to one of our youngest foster parents, Emily! Emily has been fostering since she was a sophomore in high school and has saved over 22 dogs. Here’s what Emily has to say about fostering:

    “I have always loved animals but I never knew how I could help out and get involved. From July-December of 2012 I decided to volunteered my time to go to the adoption events and help out…..But that was all about to change because on December 16th, 2012 my parents said I would be allowed foster dogs, and I took home my first foster. Now I’m a senior in High School and I couldn’t be any happier with my decision to foster. Fostering teaches you many life lessons. I would highly recommend parents to try and get you and your kids involved. I always hear people making excuses as to why they won’t foster because they or their kids will get too attached. Fostering teaches children kindness, responsibility, patience and especially how to give and receive unconditional love. From being involved, it has helped me map out my future, which is very important since I’m graduating this year. I decided that I want to pursue a career as a professional dog groomer.

    I couldn’t imagine my life without fostering. I have meet amazing people, found myself, and saved lives in the process. Who could ask for more? I’m just one example that shows that you are not too young to start saving many lives and for parents, this is a great opportunity to teach your kids responsibility. You won’t regret saving a life or two ”

    **if you want to try your hand at fostering, please apply at

  • It’s a Pittie Party!

    It’s a Pittie Party!
Fletcher (formally Spooks), Mello, Sage and Marley are enjoying the warm weather here in NY. They’re having a BBQ and all sat perfectly for a photo (who wants to bet there was a hotdog behind the camera!) Fletcher and...

    NYC, NY

    Fletcher (formally Spooks), Mello, Sage and Marley are enjoying the warm weather here in NY. They’re having a BBQ and all sat perfectly for a photo (who wants to bet there was a hotdog behind the camera!) Fletcher and Sage are both available for adoption and waiting for their forever families to come along.

    Fletcher (far left) is a 1-2 yr old Pit bull who was rescued from the shelter. His owner dumped him because he thought he was gay. Fletcher is great with other dogs and one of the happiest dogs around. He absolutely loves people and melts into anyone who stops to say hello. Fletcher does have some energy, who would do best in an active home. A dog or kids to play with would be an added bonus!

    Sage (second from right) is a 1-2 yr old American Staffordshire mix who came to us back in November from the Yonkers shelter. She was found in an abandoned house pregnant and gave birth several weeks after. All of her puppies have been adopted and now she’s looking for a home to call her own. Sage gets along with other dogs and would do best in a home with a dog who is laid back and respects her space. Sage is fairly low energy and loves to snuggle!

    If you’re interested in making Fletcher or Sage a part of your family you can come meet them tomorrow at Petsmart on Forest Ave in Staten Island from 12-3 or apply online

  • Pebbles is being silly with her foster daddy!

    New York/New Jersey - Pebbles is being silly with her foster daddy!
Louie’s Legacy pulled Pebbles a few weeks ago after she was on the list to be euthanized at a local shelter. She was left at the shelter crying in pain with bloody urine and a leg...

    New York/New Jersey – Pebbles is being silly with her foster daddy! Louie’s Legacy pulled Pebbles a few weeks ago after she was on the list to be euthanized at a local shelter. She was left at the shelter crying in pain with bloody urine and a leg she was not even able to stand on. After a vet visit, it was discovered that she needed immediate surgery for 40+ bladder stoned in her tiny abdomen. One was the size of half of a golf ball. Pebbles is doing better, but is still recovering and we are unsure if her leg will have to be amputated. Through it all, I think its safe to say that she’s in good spirits and we look forward to seeing more progress soon!

  • From shelter to transport, foster to forever home, rescue is a journey.

    From shelter to transport, foster to forever home, rescue is a journey. Summer is a particularly hard time to secure foster homes– but without foster homes, innocent shelter animals die needlessly. Consider fostering a needy pet today. Louie’s Legacy covers all medical expenses, often provides food and other resources, and handles placement of the pets. You provide a loving, educational environment and transport the pet to appointments and events. Want to join the team?

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