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Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit and no kill animal rescue based in Cincinnati and Staten Island, New York. We are proudly foster based, meaning our animals live in homes, not shelters. This differentiates us and allows us to more thoroughly get to know our animals, ensuring they are matched with suitable, screened adoptive homes which meet our high standards.

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Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue

39 minutes 15 seconds ago

In 2017, #LouiesLegacy has rescued over 80 senior dogs and cats!

You know they say things get better with age - a fine wine, a cool pair of leather boots, and aged cheddar cheese. Well here at Louie’s Legacy, we like to think the same about dogs and cats!

We make it a priority to rescue discarded seniors, and the cost of their ongoing care is tremendous. This year alone, we have already spent well over $10,000 caring for our rescued senior pets. Please help us continue to rescue them by making a donation at - our next senior saved will thank you!

Most of the pets in our album are available for adoption, but some are not quite ready! If you are interested in learning more about any of our seniors, please email (Ohio) or (NYC).

Interested in adopting a senior pet? Please apply online at! As always, we want our pets to receive the same level of care after they are adopted, so a vet reference is part of our adoption process.

Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue

1 day 6 hours ago

Rescue is all about sad stories with happy endings, and Mia is the perfect example!

Mia was found as a stray, swollen with mastitis so severe, the tissue across her entire abdomen was necrotic... requiring multiple life-saving surgeries, and months of healing. She stayed with one of our partner veterinarians, Proctorville Animal Clinic, to undergo bandage changes, medication, monitoring, fluids, and laser therapy, and to get the love and care that had been missing from her life. When this sweet girl finally joined us at #LouiesLegacy, we immediately realized why everyone loved her so much!

Mia is an athlete and a socialite, and she found the perfect home! Her chosen family waited excitedly until she was available, and today she finally met them, and loved them right back!

Both of her new parents are distance runners, and her new dad works in the pet care industry and is able to take her to the office with him every day! And since her brand new yard is going to be fenced in soon, it can be installed at the perfect height for her, which is pretty darn high (like we said, an athlete)!

We are so glad that Mia was rescued, and that we got the chance to match her with a family that will keep her safe and love her forever! We love to write the ending when there was such a sad beginning!

Speaking of sad stories, Mia was a little let down that when we said "cheese!" before her photo, there actually was no cheese. The happy ending is, there was probably cheese at home 😉

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Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue

1 day 12 hours ago

We just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU. In the past two weeks our NY coordinator pulled 36 dogs from high kill shelters. It was all of YOU -our foster families- who opened up your homes to these animals in need whose fates would have been unknown. But, now we know.

We LOVE that we are pulling more locally now than we ever have. Fostering truly does save lives. Every volunteer has an important role... from adoptions to answering emails to just sharing the posts... it all helps. Our saves are up from this time last year which means we are all doing it right! THANK YOU LOUIE'S LEGACY VOLUNTEERS. You are AMAZING and you are the reason why over 1,200 animals have been rescued (so far) this year by LLAR and you are the reason families lives are changed by them! Never forget that! We are nothing without our team of angel volunteers! Also here are a few of the rescues who got their freedom rides this weekend! Join our team!

Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue

3 days 7 hours ago

Foster form:

#NYC, we urgently need your help! Although we had many adoptions this past weekend our fosters are still full with incoming dogs! As a foster-based rescue, we cannot save new dogs unless they have a foster family to stay with until they are adopted.

We don't want to leave any dogs on our list behind. We need fosters for All These sweet furbabies! Each of them is friendly with other dogs, and has been vaccinated and heartworm tested. They are all ready to hop into our van for the best ride of their lives - all that's missing is YOU!

#LouiesLegacy covers all medical care and provides food to foster families. Fosters provide the love and a safe place to stay until each fostered pet finds a wonderful forever home.
Can you be a hero for one of these pets? Please fill out our foster form at and share!